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Newbury Shallow Garden

Newbury has some of the lovely gardens near the M4. The first job of the Designer is to take the measurements of the perimeter of the garden including its levels and its aspect. There are an enormous variety of plants that can be planted in every aspect and type of soil.  

Here is quite a shallow garden with heavy shrubbery along the rear fence. By positioning Venetian slatted trellis panels just in front with an opening between suggests the vision of “there’s something more to come” The perfect place to fit the compost.

Stepping-stones work well here, as they don’t cut the garden in two; a solid pathway would do just that. The big thing here is the plantings intermingle so each plant and colour flow into the next.

Salvia, Agapanthus, Verbena, Vinca minor with the Dwarf White Lupinus brings an ideal visionary pathway to the large White round bowl Water Feature.

If one wants to bring a change from basic turf, ground creeping plans such as Irish Moss or creeping thyme will continue the soft sweeping image of the garden.