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First Garden Design represent a long-time ethical Garden Designer practice in Oxfordshire that designs gardens and landscapes you might think impossible.

Whether you work in a professional role and live in the centre of Oxford or within a modern housing development in Henley our team focus is the same. Every landscaping project is designed from your specific requirements and will match your particular lifestyle. We have been designing gardens and landscapes since 1998. We are passionate about our work and work with clients throughout Oxfordshire and the surrounding counties from Warwickshire to London.

If you wish to see the river through the trees, its emphasis could best be deploying a planting array in complementary colours. A professional couple who works in the city, may prefer a garden that is maintenance free without much planting.

Our Designer team near Oxford are dedicated in the service we offer and produce each new landscape project with tremendous fervour. As a recent client your project is extremely significant to us, and therefore we utilise our extensive knowledge to develop the most stunning outdoor space you can imagine.

Our team of professional landscaping contractors provide years of experience in the landscape. They are thoroughly informed of the entire region including the Oxford district and will follow your project schedule with enthusiasm. We are delighted to say all our gardens are achieved to the highest standard resulting them to be perfect for the years to come.


Garden Designers

Oxfordshire & Surrounding Counties
Oxfordshire Garden Designers

Our Oxfordshire garden design studio remains the hub of our business. It is here our designers develop the stunning gardens that we are renowned for. Our passion is designing gardens that will match our clients lifestyle.

One to One Consultancy

Berkshire - Buckinghamshire - Oxfordshire
garden design consultancy

Our garden consultant will visit you, wherever you live and spend sufficient time to discuss your ideas and dilemmas. Whether it is for guidance on planting or disguising a shed, he will offer advice to enhance your garden.

Remote Design Service

On-line or by post
County Village Gardens

If you prefer to work with us remotely, our Remote Online Service is the perfect way forward. We will contact you by a timed appointment and contact you through Zoom. We will then be able and discuss your garden face to face.

What would you appreciate?

What would you appreciate?

We work in collaboration with each one of our clients.

Would you like a new modern low maintenance garden?

Would you like to see a landscape that looks at the hills in the distant?

Would you like cascades of plantings following meandering paths?

How about a contemporary garden with water rills to team up with porcelain paving.

Our clients frequently inquire. What type of landscaping can you develop for us in our own house in Oxford?

From our experience some clients would prefer having a complete re-build that will last for many years to come. If so, we study the layout of the house and its surroundings. Then obtaining that ‘Feel’ of the site we can bring together new and various elements for you to see in different places.

These can include new types of plantings, low maintenance topiary shrubs, or provide a tranquil landscape for our client to enjoy when they come home from work.


Modern Garden Designs

Modern & Contemporary garden design Oxfordshire

Our modern gardens are great for all locations and properties. Whether you live in a detached property in a village or within a development of contemporary houses, just contact us for an informal consultation.

Urban Garden Projects

Urban garden designers

Our urban gardens are developed for any sized property in any Urban location. Our design services include a ‘Free of Charge’ visit, so we can see the garden landscape and discuss your ideas and dilemmas.

Town Garden Designers

Town Garden designers

A town garden can be a bit formidable. Lofty walls and close surroundings may impinge its light. It could be that due to your work in the city you would prefer a modern garden with little maintenance.


We would like to thank you for designing our dream garden. Your knowledge, care, and attention to detail in every aspect of the design and planning through to overseeing the project has been invaluable.
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