One to One Garden Design Consultancy Service

Some of our clients wish to refurbish their garden themselves. A lovely garden, a superb outlook, but need help to plan it.

Our consultancy arm specialises in doing just that. 


As you know a garden is a mish-mash of different places, shapes, heights, different aspects to sunlight and some without any sun at all.

The ground could be solid clay, fast draining sandy soil, or lovely loam that cascades through your fingers - it could be saturated with tree roots. 

You may want to use your garden for entertainment, alfresco cooking with friends, or just plain relaxing.

A Plan

We will spend a half a day in your garden with you. We get the ‘Feel’ of the space and discuss the things you would like and work out a plan with you to accommodate them.

By discussing the colours of plants you like we will offer suggestions of companion plantings and focal points. Then, by the time we finish, you will have a complete plan bringing together your thoughts and our suggestions for a stunning garden that you will be able to build over the coming months or years.

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