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Garden Design Consultancy


Our garden consultant will visit you in your garden and spend the necessary time with you to get the ‘Feel’ of the space and then sit with you to discuss the things you would like and those that may irritate you. He will offer ideas that could bring a new perspective to the design of the garden and work out a plan with you to accommodate them.

The best thing is, that while going around the garden you can make as many notes you wish because nothing is left untouched. By recording where ‘North’ is he will be able to suggest appropriate plantings for the different areas of the garden.

Our company philosophy is to keep up to date with new materials and how best to implement them so during the time with you we will be able to suggest materials that possibly you have never even thought of.

Online Garden Design


For those who wish to update their garden themselves or prefer to obtain the services of a local landscaper our Online Design Service is just the job. 

We guide you on the best to measure your garden and by our questionnaire you tell us what you would like in your new garden. All you then do is send us some photographs of your garden. 

Based on your completed information, we draw a scaled plan of the garden including the things you have highlighted in the questionnaire.

After discussing the plan by telephone and making the necessary refinements we post you the final plan with a copy for your landscaper.

Full Design & Management

10% - 12% of Project Cost

Our full design service provides a Bespoke garden design personally for you. It incorporates the seven major steps to create the perfect garden based upon your personal style and one that compliments your home.

We come and sit with you to discuss all your thoughts and ideas, plus those that we know would enhance the design.

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