Gifts For Gardeners & Garden Lovers

Gifts For Gardeners & Garden Lovers

We all enjoy giving gifts and apart from giving a new hand tool or a new shrub it sometimes good to find something different to give as a gift for garden lovers or loved one.

This is where we come in as garden designers. 

Our garden consultancy day brings a totally new meaning to giving a gift to a gardener.


Some of us would love to update the garden, or simply build one after moving into a new build that has some grass and a few paving slabs beyond the French doors.

Our Gift for Gardeners offer something that will be exciting as well as long lasting.

Our garden design consultant will come to you to walk round the garden with you and discuss all that the garden can offer. There are so many things on which a garden design depends. It’s shape, the way it faces and its different levels. It will also have a particular type of soil and how the surrounding buildings make an impact of the sunlight in its different areas as it moves throughout the day.

Call us on 01869 240027 to discuss how we can help you give the perfect present for the one you love.

We will spend 3-4 hours with you at a time to suit to discuss all your ideas and explain the different elements that will have an impact. He will also put forward new ideas that sometime one has even realised and with careful demonstration open up new ideas that maybe haven’t been thought of.

Our consultant visits are on Monday to Friday between 8.30 to 12.30 and 13.30 to 17.30. If on the day of appointment, the weather does not lend itself for a visit we will move the date and time for your convenience.

Our consultancy philosophy is to offer everything you will need by way of information to enable you, or your landscapers to build that perfect garden for you to enjoy for many years to come.

To book a gift day, just complete the enquiry on our website and we will contact you so we can arrange a personalised gift card, nicely presented, for you to give your gardener on that special occasion. We then will wait for you to call to arrange a consultancy time.

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