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Outdoor Kitchens are becoming a modern day trend. In 2018 it is expected that we will find many clients wanting to extend their garden to include ‘Al fresco’ dining. Perhaps the days are numbered for cooking inside and taking the hot dishes to the patio table, and then back to collect the chilled wine.

With any new structure in the garden the first step is to plan its position carefully. It will need power such as gas and lighting so ducting is paramount. If butane is the answer a large enough container is required to supply the pressure, especially if they are placed some distance from the kitchen.

Being outside the materials need to be selected wisely. Stainless steel 306 is a good choice with a solid frame to carry the weight all the appliances.

Some clients have asked the sort of cost that will be necessary but it’s hard to say without knowing the appropriate appliances. As a guide £10,000 will be a good starting place.

All in all an installation such as this needs to be designed within the overall garden design and not left and built as an after thought.

The best way to ensure its right is to select the appliances first and then design and build the kitchen round them.

 Al Fresco Outdoor Dining - Garden Designers
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