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We are passionate about our Design service. You could live in an urban detached property or a town property with overlooking windows of neighbouring houses. The best thing is there is no need for you to worry. We use our designers wide ranging knowledge of Berkshire to develop a bespoke garden based on your individual ideas and lifestyle.

We have been privileged to have worked with many clients throughout Berkshire and its surrounding towns like Caversham, Reading, Maidenhead and Hungerford. We have used our design skills to develop a large modern garden with 300 square meters patio to a small courtyard using different aggregates and a composite deck.

Over the last 26 years we have gained a vast amount of knowledge regarding the environmental conditions within its boundary. This is necessary as the ground conditions are paramount in planting suitable shrubs and trees that will grow properly.


Berkshire Garden Designers

We are an independent design practice of any specific landscaper but work with eminently qualified local companies, whom we can recommend to you. Our design studio is completely client-focused. We don’t merely obtain the measurements and draw where the structures could be or which plants that could be planted. We collaborate with you to design a garden that is ‘YOU.’ 

We will explore your garden and discuss all the ideas and thoughts you might have and those you prefer not to retain. Our chief asset is we design your garden through your eyes and not simply draw pretty pictures on what we believe you might like. Everything is designed to scale in detail. Our studio is equipped with CAD so when we present you with the plans you will discover everything as it absolutely is.

We interpret your ideas to produce a garden bespoke for you. We discuss your aspirations and ideas to build a ‘Client Brief’ from which we create a concept design. This will include a two-dimensional plan together with three-dimensional visuals that will present your new garden as it will be in real life. 


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