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Landscape Garden Design

Our Design Studio consultancy is the hub of our business. It is here we design the stunning gardens we are renowned for.

Garden Designers

  • A garden without major maintenance.

  • A spacious modern contemporary garden

  • A rural garden with flowering borders

  • An urban garden within a housing development

  • A private Town garden that is in fact a courtyard.

What ever your ideas and objectives may be, we are confident that we will be able to design the perfect garden tailor-made for you.

Focal points in this garden leading to the dining patio
Soft planting, winter taking hold of this plant

Gardens For Lifestyles

Whether you live in Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire or Berkshire we will visit you without charge so we can discuss your ideas and objectives in detail. We can then suggest solutions that will develop your garden into your ultimate outdoor space.

We have followed the same process since our practice opened in 1998. Our process of working with you is straightforward. We attain everything you require from your exterior space which we establish as your ‘Client Brief.’ Through all this and using our long-term experience you can be confident that we will design your own perfect garden.

Our comprehensive service includes everything from start to finish.

  • The first step is meeting you in your garden and walk round it with you to see its surroundings, its size and its shape.

  • We discuss your ideas and objectives, together with your views on those that are not so welcoming.

  • We next conduct a comprehensive survey of the entire garden and record its data for our studio.

  • The concept design is drawn and presented for analysing and making any refinements.

  • From this we make the master design copy for your approval.

  • To view the Design Process in detail, go to.‘Design Process’ under the categories along the top of the website.

Elements in the garden to create beautiful spaces

To make your garden special, it will need various materials and structures to be built. You may dream of a Japanese landscape. A welcoming round archway through which to over the porcelain stepping stones through light decorative aggregate raked to represent a flowing river. In addition, a large lantern and a Bamboo water spout will make contact with the other structures. To complete and complete the area with striking Acer shrubs and Cherry Blossom.

Maybe a contemporary theme with water rills and subtle lighting. For those who require a low maintenance garden, will enjoy an entertaining area with an Alfresco Kitchen for dining with friends. It could be the want to acquire a secluded relaxing area to enjoy the space into the evening.

All these we have designed over the years with one difference, everyone has been tailor-made for each specific client.

garden structure elements leading you along the pathway

Creative Vision

Every one of our designs is unique with an imaginative vision. We make certain every structure is constructed to the most superior quality, so it will stand up to the external environment. By using the relevant and right materials for your external space, their inclusion will improve the space rather than diminish it.

With many of us working from home, you may require an office or studio with its own interior appliances. Whether it be small or large, by designing the entire area, we know it will fit into the landscape properly. To build the best we obtain the services of specialists so everything fits within the garden’ design.

Whatever your location with whatever sized garden we can transform it into something exciting. 

Cost or Investment?

We are frequently urged.‘How much will it cost?’ We think that having your garden properly landscaped is more about Investment in your property. The Telegraph in 2016 published an article stating a properly maintained garden adds a chunky 20 percent to your property, says Ella Buchan.

At present things have expanded. Gardens are used much more, with Alfresco dining and designing a garden to include privacy from its surrounding neighbours attains a more valuable addition.

We know we are competitive. Being an independent design practice, we don’t add VAT to our fees as our Landscaper and Design colleagues do. Thats a substantial saving on a significant and complex design.

To design the most delightful garden for you, our services include incorporating practicable structures that will stand up to time. Whether a patio lawn or deck, as well as outdoor studio offices and summerhouses, we design everything from its foundations. A patio will include a secure foundation of Type One plus a mortar bed. A Deck must have sufficient joists of sufficient thickness in order for it to stay rigid over the forthcoming years. A pergola could be built of timber or metal and the appropriate dimensions must be right for the expanse of the structure.

When our design is completed, we generate construction plans and forward it out to local landscape companies for them to tender for the work. This ensures that each one is tendering for the same work to make it easier for you to choose the right landscaping company.

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