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Detailed bespoke garden design for any garden throughout Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and the surrounding counties to London.

Our design service covers every type of garden, whether it is an urban garden, a town garden or a country garden, we take the same care to design that perfect garden to meet your individual needs. 

Maybe you work full time and need a design for your new town garden for pure relaxation with minimum maintenance. You could have a modern house and require a modern garden to match, with a play area for the children. You may need a design to include raised beds for your favourite plantings. 

Our design practice a 'Hands on’ company. We are passionate in translating your thoughts and desires into the perfect garden design that is something really special. We have over 25-year experience that ensures every garden we design provides that individual and personal environment. 

After taking a detailed survey of the garden, we produce all the plans and 3D illustrations so you will see how your new garden look before a spade hits the ground. 

If you require objective advice upon an area of your garden that needs an update, or you need assistance on how to move things round when a new garden room is being delivered our Consultancy Service may be the best way forward.

garden design initial meeting

The Initial Meeting

It is sometimes quite hard to visualise how your garden will look and where to position its features and planting to make the most from the views from the house.

Our initial meeting is the time to discuss just that, learning about you; your exciting thoughts and ideas from which we can formulate the basis of the design brief.

garden design brief

The Brief

From designing many hundreds of gardens over the last 25 years we have been able to interpret client thoughts to produce the best vision. 

By discussing a client’s ideas, a new element or structure often comes to fruition. Ideas and requirements are carefully noted that becomes the Brief upon which a garden concept design is drawn.

garden designer survey

The Survey

For any garden, whether it be a new build town garden or a large modern or country garden, a site survey and analysis is essential. 

This becomes the blueprint that records all the appropriate information, be it the obscure ill-shaped perimeter of undulations of the lawn to be considered in the design.

Garden Design Concept

The Concept

Once the Brief is accepted and the survey’s data is recorded, the next step is generating a Concept Design to set out all the different elements and structures. 

The Concept Design is a 2D scaled plan drawing of your new garden. It includes all the different areas and elements, such as hard and soft landscaping, and planting, plus its other features such as a greenhouse and shed, etc. 

The trees must not be forgotten as their canopy will bring shade to areas of the garden so they need to be highlighted if they are to be retained.

Master Gesign Plan

The Master Plan

From our discussion on the design concept, any refinements can be recorded. These are then included in the Master Plan. This is a drawn to scale plan together with 3D illustrations to show your new garden in all its glory. 

We generate construction plans with schedule notes detailing everything that is required to build your perfect garden. These plans are sent to local landscapers for them to tender for your project. 

Through this process you can be assured that everyone will tender based on the same materials so no short cuts can be taken. You are then able to appoint the ideal landscaper to carry out the garden’s construction.

Garden Planting Plan

The Planting Plan

The last stage in the design process is drawing the planting plans, which is dependent on the structure of the garden. 

A New-build Town Garden may be best with few architectural plants to emphasis the space of the garden. 

A large garden could have meandering pathways with borders of plantings each side. 

A Contemporary garden may have raised beds with evergreen Buxus sempervirens at defined spacing and low hedging running in handsome straight lines to border the pathways.

Garden Construction

The Construction

As we are an independent practice, we only recommend Landscapers that are known to us and have high construction ability. If they are not known to us, we will visit them on their latest project to confirm their quality of their work.

They must be able to demonstrate they have the right experience and the right machinery to do the job. They must also be prepared to call upon colleagues in the specialised sectors such as Electricians and Engineers should the project demand it.

Without saying, they must also be able to construct the garden on time and on budget.

Garden Designs are for the senses

garden planting
design structures

Our garden designers understand Physical Structures

Designing a garden is not just about artistry flair, but a place of physical structures. 

Each structure must follow building regulations. It must also be built for the structure's intention.

That is where our experience comes in. With over 25 years in the landscaping arena, we understand that a pergola must be made of tanalised timber and sufficiently large enough to withstand the elements. A patio must be laid on a solid bed of mortar and foundation, or it will move.

Our garden designers Listen

Our practice’s philosophy is based on the knowledge that we must listen to interpret your ideas and desires into reality. 

Our aim is not only to produce a design that becomes reality but one that supersedes it.

2d garden concept
garden design passion

Our garden designers Passion

We are always excited when beginning a new garden design because one client is unlike the last and their wants are individual.

Our continual research in modern materials provides us with new challenges and by discussing these we know that our design will become something personal to our client.

If a structure needs to be built, we will show details of all its segments so it will follow the design and be part of it.

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