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The Survey

As with all our services, we take pride in recording all the necessary details of your garden to provide the data from which we can design your garden. 

Nothing is left out. We record the positioning and size of all the diverse elements and the different types of structures that will have an impact on your garden. This data is then transferred into our CAD system to enable us to design your garden. 

This blueprint provides all the appropriate information to consider in the design.


The site's detail

The site survey and analysis contains:

  • Measuring the site including its levels.
  • Measure the house including all doors and windows etc. that overlooks the garden.
  • Recording its existing features including its soil type and drainage, existing plants, drain, and manhole covers.
  • Evaluating any views that could be improved or disguised.
  • Photographing and sketching the site.

The main benefit of an in-depth survey comes into its own when we need to monitor the amount of waste that has to be removed from the garden and any extra tonnage of topsoil or materials that need to be brought in.

As with all our services, the best news is our survey fee is just £340.00

Garden Design The Survey

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