Designing Outdoor Spaces for London Clients

To design gardens in London, our designers are passionate in developing a garden with everything our client requires. It doesn’t matter if it is a private courtyard with lofty fencing, or a rooftop garden with green plant walls. To our London Designers, commitment is the same; designing your outdoor space to exceed your imagination.

As London garden designers we have specialised in projects throughout London, from Harrow, and Barnet to Richmond and the Kingston districts. Through the projects London Garden Designer have completed, we have found many have been small without direct access to the garden. This produces more work for our landscaper contractor, but through their careful services, the project show that it has been completed with a class 5-star rating.

Within our services, the London Garden Design team offers to explore the site with you without charge.

This service is critical because it enables us to develop a ‘Feel’ of the garden and enables us to see the garden from your point of view. It also enables you to go through our designer capability before our appointment.

All your ideas and aspirations are written in your ‘Customer Brief’. This then becomes the base from which we work. However small and whatever its shape your garden represents a landscape. Each section of the site is set in its own class so every detail is outlined to scale and on view when we present the plans to you.

Your current view from the doors into the garden could be looking at a lofty wall at its end or at neighbouring windows. From our designers view, this is highlighted as we build your ‘Customer Brief.’

Inner City Courtyard Gardens

Some of the projects our team has designed are best called courtyard gardens as many are reasonably small and not having direct access to the garden.

With London's hustle and bustle, the principal issue can be that one hasn't the time for ongoing garden maintenance. Many of our clients when arriving home after a hectic day’s work just want to prop their feet up and relax.

With our forward-thinking designer team, we know the garden can radiate a place for relaxation as well as a play area for the children. To us, and even in narrow gardens, the landscape of the garden can be altered to provide an outstanding external space.

By our service your garden can become ‘That Special Place.’ 

Small city garden design in London hamlets
Cottage planting in this london city garden
Modern London roof garden with minimal maintenance
London courtyard for entertaining family and friends
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