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London gardens can be very different from those further afield. Many are quite narrow with high walls that separate them from their neighbours. Some best called a courtyard; some are restricted by not having direct access.

We have a wide experience in North to West London, from Harrow, and Barnet to the Richmond, Hounslow and the Kingston districts. 

With London’s hustle, bustle and noise the big issue can often be that one hasn’t any real-time to carry out ongoing garden maintenance. Many of our clients when arriving home after a hectic day at the office one just want to put their feet up and relax.

A quick call or the completion of our contact form is all that is required to obtain a response from our designer.

But a London garden can be exciting. As long-standing designers, architects contact us to work with them on the external areas of their project; they contact us as they know our garden design will complement their own project. 

Careful planning can bring together a place for relaxation as well as a play area for the children. Design is only confined by the imagination and to us, even in small gardens, the view of the landscape can be altered to bring together the best views from the house.

To us, gardens are a place that one can achieve almost anything and by using different structures and materials the garden can be ‘That Private Place.’

Water – Paver slabs – Cobbles – Timber – Metal is just a few materials that can make a garden different, and our bespoke philosophy can bring together a garden of self-contained beauty.

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Garden Design London

For many clients, screening of the surrounding houses is a must. There are many materials and plantings that are good for screening. Trees are often dismissed because they are deemed to be far too big for the garden. This doesn’t have to be the case. Some grow to their maximum height of a few meters and will fit comfortably within a garden just where they are needed. 

Pleached trees, planted in line along a wall can be the perfect choice to disguise a house close by yet retain their openness below their canopy.

This is certainly not a modern practice. Tree and Hedge Pleaching go back centuries, In Roman Times it was in fashion to build “A Hedge in the Sky”. Today there are many species that lend themselves to Pleaching. From Hornbeam to Beech to Photinia and Laurel, all enable their high canopy to shield that special part of the garden from irritations and overlooking windows.

Garden Soundproofing

Noise can be a big problem within urban districts. Roadways, Railways, and Runways all impose their noise upon us, especially when we are outside in our garden. But with careful thought and planning, we can bring suitable materials together that will soften irritations to enable one to sit and enjoy the outdoor space.

The size of any structure depends upon the size of the garden and over the years we have come across most.

By using Greenscape, Gabions, and sculptured timber panels, we can cut noise as far as the garden’s size offers. We have found that it is not good to build high solid structures that will reduce or cut off a view of the garden but utilize various structures that emphasize ways to extend one’s view.   

Our experience has accomplished multiple ways that bring the right shape and size yet give the necessary privacy together providing that secure comfort that we all like to enjoy.

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