Remote Bespoke Garden Design

Our Remote Bespoke Design service provides a complete bespoke design at a fraction of the cost of our All-inclusive design service because we work together as partners.

We work together through email, telephone and video link to discuss the particular issues with your garden and what you would like from it.

We send you our Design Assessment form for you to complete. This guide takes you through each element of the garden for you to highlight what you would like. By answering each question will show us your preferences and perhaps others that you may not have thought of.

We need to have the size and the shape of the garden and by using our step-by-step instructions you will be able to draw its perimeter and anything that will be retained inside its boundary.

To give us a real feel of the garden you can send us as many photographs from different angles as you wish, as this provides us with its overall surroundings.

From your measurements and completed Design Assessment, we draw a scaled drawing of your new garden, setting out all the retained and new garden elements such as the structures, walls and pathways together with the ideal size of the patio based upon the information you have sent to us.

We send the new garden’s Concept Plan to you within 10 days by email. We discuss the plan with you over the phone, video link, etc. and refine it to make it perfect for your needs.

We then update the plan and post two final plans to you so you can build your garden over time or pass the second copy to your local landscaper for its construction.

If you would like a complete planting plan for the different areas as to where the sun is. Just add it on through our Optional Extras.

All our optional extras are listed below. Just click on the extra service you require.

The remote design team of First Garden people are very experienced and easy to work with. We have a new-build town garden and required a design that would suit us and fit safely within our budget.

Peter in the remote team worked with us through email and the telephone and delivered a design that suited us perfectly.  The service was excellent and once we approved the final design we received a complete construction plan through the post that we gave to our handman.

Sincere thanks Peter.

Joshua S - Reading

Optional Services

  • Bespoke garden plan drawn to scale

    Once we receive the measurements of your garden, we draw to scale all the different areas, structures and planting borders so everything fits within the garden boundary. 

    If the garden is a new-build and the length of the side fences are about the same and the back fence is about the same as the house plus its side gate. Therefore, one measurement for its length and a second for its width will enable us to portray the rough positioning of the different areas and structures.

    Don’t forget the more detail that is used in measuring the garden the better the out scaled drawing will be.

  • Site Survey - up to 100M2 within 30 miles of Bicester
    £ 240

    We carry out the same detailed topographical survey whatever the size of the garden. 

    We record everything within the garden’s perimeter, such as its retained structures, tree positions with their height and canopy spread, and any slopes and levels that are within the garden’s boundary. 

    We record where the garden is facing as the various types of plants vary by the amount of sun they receive.We also record its surrounding buildings as these will also impact on the amount of sun the different areas of the garden will enjoy.

  • Site Survey - Above 100M2 within 30 miles of Bicester
    £ 340

    We carry out the same detailed topographical survey as we do for a small garden.  We find a larger garden offers space for more structures or larger planting areas; therefore, our survey fee reflects this as it will take more time to complete. 

    The survey records everything within the garden’s perimeter including any slopes, levels and tree positions with their height and the spread of their canopy. It records any shaded areas that will have an impact by the hours of sunlight the garden will enjoy.

    Again, we record any surrounding buildings that will have an impact of the garden’s light.

  • Planting Plan - up to 100m2
    £ 220

    Planting plans are based upon the individual preference of our client. We offer suggestions based upon the size and character of the garden and the favourite colours the client, as well as the location of the garden. 

    A small garden will benefit from a limited number of colours as it will enhance the size of the garden.

  • Planting Plan - over 100m2
    £ 340

    A large garden can embrace larger borders with more colours as they can be separated by pathways or lawn. A large garden is able to include larger shrubs and trees, so the garden can offer more focal points and resting points.

    We encourage our client to advise us on their individual preference. We then offer suggestions based upon these favourites and the garden’s character, as well as the view of the garden. 

  • Walk round Illustrations
    £ 45

    Walk round illustrations in 3D are perfect for those who wish to see how the garden will look once all its construction is finished. 

    We produce four 3D images from different positions of the garden, so you can really get a feel of your new garden.

  • Site Monitoring
    From £ 290

    For those clients who wish to appoint a landscaper that is unknown to them, it is recommended that the construction is monitored throughout its progress. 

    We can do this by the landscaper updating us by regular emails, or by on-site visits. Fees for this depend upon the number of visits, email monitoring, and the complexity and size of the garden.

Want to Know More?

If you would like to know more about our online and postal garden design please send us an email buy clicking the link below or telephone us on 01869 240027