Top Soil

Garden soil is one element of the garden that is so often overlooked. But, it’s the element that all the new plants will rely on to bring the new garden to life.

Soil can be named as ‘Top class screened soil’ but unless it is BS3882 certified it could very easily contain other particles such as plastic, glass, tar and brick, with a smell something like petroleum gas. 

Good recycled soil is just that ‘Soil’ and smells natural and earthy. It is recommended that if a quotation for the supply of soil is not certified BS3882 a sample needs to be inspected so that at least those tiny particles of glass and plastic are not apparent.

If you want really good soil so your plants will grow well, make sure it is certified BS3882.

Don’t forget - “You get what you pay for”. Top class screened topsoil at £8.00 per ton – Hmmm.

Dining ‘Al fresco’

Outdoor Kitchens are becoming a modern day trend. In 2018 it is expected that we will find many clients wanting to extend their garden to include ‘Al fresco’ dining. Perhaps the days are numbered for cooking inside and taking the hot dishes to the patio table, and then back to collect the chilled wine.

With any new structure in the garden the first step is to plan its position carefully. It will need power such as gas and lighting so ducting is paramount. If butane is the answer a large enough container is required to supply the pressure, especially if they are place some distance from the kitchen.

Being outside the materials need to be selected wisely. Stainless steel 306 is a good choice with a solid frame to take all the appliances.

Some clients have asked the sort of cost that will be necessary but it’s hard to say without knowing the appropriate appliances. As a guide £10,000 will be a good starting place.

All in all an installation such as this needs to be designed within the overall garden design and not left and built as an after thought.

The best way to ensure its right is to select the appliances first and then design and build the kitchen round them.

Buckinghamshire Natural Garden Design

The garden for one of our clients in Buckinghamshire is rather small and surrounded by fencing and old stone walling. Due to its position it enjoys both sunny and shady areas. As a designer, we know that a garden needs to be one of beauty but also has to be practical.

Our vision was to design a garden to embrace the old walling plus a seating area, which was a must for the client. Water is a natural part of our countryside and is an element we often use in both modern and classic designs. 

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Newbury Shallow Garden

Shallow Garden Design Newbury

Newbury has some of the loveliness gardens near the M4. The first job of the Designer is to take the measurements of the perimeter of the garden including its levels and its aspect. There are an enormous variety of plants that can be planted in every aspect and type of soil.  Garden design newbury

Here is quite a shallow garden with heavy shrubbery along the rear fence. By positioning Venetian slatted trellis panels just in front with an opening between suggests the vision of “there’s something more to come” The perfect place to fit the compost.

Stepping-stones work well here, as they don’t cut the garden in two; a solid pathway would do just that. The big thing here is the plantings intermingle so each plant and colour flow into the next.

Salvia, Agapanthus, Verbena, Vinca Minor with the Dwarf White Lupinus brings an ideal visionary pathway to the dwarf Betula utilis jacuemontii ‘Snow Queen’ to compliment the large White round bowl Water Feature.

If one wants to bring a change from basic turf, ground creeping plans such as Irish Moss or creeping thyme will continue the soft sweeping image of the garden. 


Modern Garden Design Rugby, Warwickshire

This project was to create a garden for a professional client to suit their wide range of interests. From the customer’s comments, the design meets the brief and beyond.

The creation is now completed and meets their desires to provide calm, relaxing areas with a provision of two garden water features near the house and red focal points throughout the site.

The garden is over an acre in size, so the design is to entice its visitor towards the entertaining area beyond the patio areas near the house. The emphasis is for this section to provide a children’s tree house and somewhere for the adults to sit and chat round the Firepit.
Natural calibrated stone is being used for the house patio section with a cascade water feature within the patio steps plus a rectangular feature with underwater lighting before it’s backdrop of red pillars.

A wide pathway takes a person to a solid red focal point wall, with an up lighter to highlight an individual Acer Palmatum tree, viewed from the wall’s porthole. The person is then enticed to go round to the entertaining and children’s activity area.

Large shrub borders will provide privacy and all year round interest without a huge maintenance effort.

(The image is an illustration shows one part of the garden from our 3D designs of how the garden will actually look when it is fully constructed)

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