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First Garden Design prefers to to design as a wildlife garden designer, here's why. Today we are more conscious of the environment than ever before. Yet often we leave it to the others to do something without thinking what we could do even within our own garden. Nature needs our help, creating gardens by planting wildlife friendly plants, make green corridors to help animals commute with our neighbours gardens.

Wildlife garden design is an imaginative way to make our garden good for inviting creatures wild.

Many of our clients have lovely large gardens that lend themselves to include some areas to encourage wildlife to visit and possibly live. This doesn’t mean we have to let wildlife take over, but if the design with nature is at its focus, we are able to give such areas where small mammals such as hedgehogs can run through and butterflies to enjoy pollinating the flowers.

A wildlife garden works in tandem with our home. We often take our children on a journey to see the animals and the birds. We know they are constantly asking ‘What kind of bird is that Dad’, yet often we forget there is a host of little mammals, insects and birds we could find in the garden. The best point is that they can call all those found their own.

wildlife garden designer
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Wildlife Gardeners

How many of us get home from a hectic day and say ‘I just want to sit in the garden, amongst beautiful plants and relax’. Somewhere just to sit and listen to a insects flying from plant to plant and the birds within a tree’s canopy.

If we create a comfortable resting place in our wildlife garden, we find with our experience that our natural surroundings are endless. The colours, the different sizes and shapes of plants, the miniature structure of a leaf provides something that the office cannot give; if one takes the time to look.

As with people, flora and fauna are part of our culture and with a good wildlife design we both can enjoy our outside space; plus, our native birds, insects, and mammals can take advantage of our garden wherever we live.

Create Gardens To Help Native Wildlife

A wildlife garden doesn’t need to be is plain and dreary, working with a wildlife gardener; it can be a place of colour and beauty. We don’t have to have huge meadows, or endless hours gardening to create an area for our native wildlife. Wood chippings are not expensive and then find an old piece of a metal gate a bit of something old and place it in the right place, we can provide a focal point that is a gem that make us stop and look.

Gardening is good for the sole they say and with today’s readily available tools it doesn’t take long to hoe between the shrubs and it’s more pleasing than that workout in the gym.

There is always a way of improvement and there is always a way to enhance our environment. Think about sending an RHS gift card to someone close their birthday. They will love to choose a plant and have the RHS to deliver it. If they enjoy reading about the gardens round the world, they can buy these from the RHS as well.

When we plan a large or small garden with nature in mind, we call upon our experience to plant the right plants, shrubs and trees, that grow into a cohesive design plan that not only to give access to our native species but grow an infrastructure that will start to balance that which our urban districts are destroying.

If you would like to find out more information on our wildlife garden design, just complete the form on our ‘Contact’ page and we will get back to you quickly.

wildlife garden design
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