Garden design journey process steps

The Garden Design Process

Our garden designs are bespoke for each type of garden. Whether it be an Urban, Town, or Country Garden our aim is the taste and wishes of our client. Every garden is unique. In shape, size and position. They are as dissimilar as the wants of all of us.

This is why we construct an extensive bone structure for each one. It is only then we can attach its focal points, calming areas, and viewpoints to emphasize our client’s desires.

We would love to design your perfect lifestyle garden for you and your family. So contact First Garden Design so we can discuss how we can design your garden.

garden design brief, survey, plan and construction

The Initial Meeting

Ken, the founder of First Garden Design will meet you to discuss all the ideas and dilemmas you might have.

It will enable us to see where your garden is located and how it is sited. Most important, it will enable us to listen to you upon your likes and those areas which irritate you.

All the information ultimately builds into your personal Customer Brief from which we base our design. The visit is free of charge which also provides the opportunity for us to introduce our practice to you.

The Brief

From designing many hundreds of gardens over the last 25 years we can provide detailed information upon the kind of elements that will suit the restored garden.

We start by assessing the type of garden you wish to be designed and the objectives you require from the garden.

The assessment investigates each type of element or structure you would enjoy and formulates all the details into your Customer Brief.

The Survey

For every garden, whether it be a new build town garden or a considerable modern or country garden, a site survey and analysis is essential.

We include measuring the garden’s perimeter and recording its unique levels. This builds a blueprint of the site. This data is then used for our design.

The Concept

The Concept Design is a 2D scaled plan drawing with 3D models including all the garden’s different areas and elements.

We include a planting plan plus the other features such as a greenhouse and shed, etc.

The trees with their high canopy will bring shade to areas of the garden, so we highlight them with their spread and height.

The Master Plan

From our discussion over the design concept, any refinements are recorded with comprehensive information of the distinctive elements.

The Master Plan includes these by a scaled plan, together with 3D illustrations to present the modern garden in all its glory.

The Planting Plan

The planting plan finalizes the character of the garden. A New-build Town Garden with limited numbers of architectural plants will emphasize the space of the garden.

A spacious rural garden with meandering pathways, the plantings on each side will entice its owner to different focus points through the garden.

A Contemporary garden employing symmetrical lines can be established with pleached trees along the perimeter. This, with plastered raised beds and planted with box balls will provide an excellent finish to an elegant house.

The Construction Stage

We provide a detailed construction and specification plan. This is delivered to qualified landscape contractors to tender for the project.

We examine each construction company with you so together we can confirm they possess the appropriate skills for the project. If a company is unknown to us, we will inspect their previous work so we can clarify their ability.

Once the company’s appointment we will take the contractor round the garden to discuss any anomalies that may require clarification.
We then monitor the garden’s build to ensure the design is followed, and the work is carried out to the excellent quality required.

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