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Garden Design Consultancy based in Oxfordshire

Garden Design Consultancy - One to One

If you live in a rustic cottage in the country or live in a new development; periodically you merely need to identify what to add, where to place things, or how to disguise an old out-building. Or perhaps know which plants will look best in a particular place.

Our garden consultant will explore your garden with you and devote the necessary time with you to discuss all the ideas and dilemmas you might have. He will walk around the garden with you to obtain the ‘Feel’ of the space. He will next sit with you to discuss the things you would appreciate and those that may irritate you. He will offer ideas that might introduce an alternative perspective to the design of the garden and how to accommodate them. The most beneficial thing is, that while going around the garden you can make as many notes you wish because nothing will be withheld from you. By recording where ‘North’ is, he will suggest appropriate planting to the different areas of the garden. Our company philosophy is to keep up to date with modern materials and how best to implement them. Therefore, during his time with you, he will suggest materials that possibly you have never even thought of.


The first and foremost discussion will be on what you desire from your garden. You may want to generate a traditional English garden or wish to utilise the space for entertaining with minimal maintenance. By our extensive discussion nothing is withheld out so you can ask as many questions as you like. Whether it is about what goes where and the most adequate materials for it.


The ideal plant scheme is always based upon the type and condition of the soil. Lovely blue hydrangeas and azaleas will require acidic soil, and a smoke tree will grow better in an alkaline soil. Perennials used to be planted in a rotation of colour. Red – Blue – White and so on. At present we tend to plant drifts of plantings or grasses with a focal point like a sculpture or some proud Agapanthus. Companion planting can be discussed or a choice of structured plants that enjoy the shade. Think of drifts of Miscanthus sinensis Flamingo swaying in the breeze in a lovely deep border. Additionally include some purple Verbena Bonariensis peeping over at the back, with clusters of light Allium along the front of the border. To make it a dream border set a sculpture in the centre of the Miscanthus that will capture your attention as you pass.

Water and Lighting Features

Water features generate other interest and emit an ideal calmness near a seating area or as a focal point on view from a window. Currently, there are numerous types of garden water-features from the classic stone figure to the modern water rain archway. We often design them bespoke so you won’t discover them “down the road.” Think about sitting under a lovely modern pergola enhanced by a raised bed with well-spaced balls of Buxus sempervives. Then to make it stunning, let's set a shallow water rill running along close by with submerged lighting. This will extend the chatting time with your friends into the evening.

Consultancy Fee

We know that in today’s urban housing areas gardens is becoming smaller and to gain as much as we can out of them could present  a troublesome dilemma. That’s what our Consultancy is all about. We will bring our experience and our ideas to you. You can then be assured that by the time we leave, you will possess a completely increased understanding of what you can achieve in your garden. Our Consultancy fee is £340.00 plus 45 pence per mile outside 30 miles from our office in Bicester. It is worth noting that we are not VAT registered and therefore no 20% VAT is chargable.

But you can be assured that by the time we leave you will say to yourself; “That was worth it.” Everything is included in our consultancy fee – There is no ‘I’m sorry’ or ‘Oh, that’s extra.’ We want you to gain as much as possible from our time with you; because when you are happy, we’re happy – Simple.

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